Welcome to the property reservations calendar for Camp Seven Hills Goodyear!
Important Information on our COVID-19 Guidance for our property rentals.

Masks, Hygiene, Group Sizes and More: We’ve recently released our volunteer COVID-19 safety guidelines. Please note that although the document specifies “troops”, these standards apply to all of our visitors. This link will help you navigate those standards for your group: https://GSWNY COVID Guidelines

Overnights: Please note that only private households will be permitted to stay in the same structure (tent, cabin, lodge, etc.) together overnight. A private household includes anyone who regularly self-quarantines together. For troop planning purposes, this will mean that each girl will need to have at least one adult family member present to stay with her. Please see insurance guidelines for family members below.

Insurance/GS Membership: If the family member will be chaperoning other girls, the family member must be registered and background checked as a Troop Helper/Chaperone. If a family member is only accompanying her/his own child and will not be chaperoning other girls, the family member must either be a current Girl Scout member or the troop must purchase additional non-scout Girl Scout Accident/Incident insurance. For all non-scout rentals, the insurance standards remain the same.

 Dining: Dining halls will remain closed throughout September and October. All cooking and eating must take place outdoors. The one exception to this rule is if a private household reserves a building with an indoor kitchen, then they themselves may use it.  GSWNY has equipment rental options for outdoor cooking, please contact customercare@gswny.org if you want more information.  We also highly encourage you to consider local restaurants or catering options for takeout during this time.

Special Activities: If you and your group intend on participating in activities that will require unique safety/cleaning procedures, then we kindly ask that you submit a safety plan. Examples Include: Cooking and eating several meals for a large group, recreational activities that may require contact/sharing equipment, etc. We can help you work through these challenges.


Camp Seven Hills Goodyear (10150 Olean Road, Holland, NY) is a seasonal facility that offers programming buildings, platform tent units, cabin tent units along with houses. There is a combination of two platform tent units and four cabin tent units along with a cook's cabin, nurse's cabin (additional cabins for sleeping) and dining hall complete with a kitchen and eating facilities for up to 250 people. This seasonal area has both platform tent cabins and cabins available for overnight stay and each unit is equipped with outdoor facilities.
Please review our Registration and Refund policy prior to renting a facility; Registration Process
Rental Periods:
  1. Day - Check in after 8am/check out before 3pm
  2. Overnight- Check in after 4pm/check out before 3pm
To check site availability:
  1. Select a category (day or overnight)
  2. Select what you are interested in renting within your chosen category 
  3. A calendar view will populate with a schedule of availability 
  4. Search for the date you are interested in 
  5. Available dates are shaded in gray, click on the date within the calendar 
  6. Day rentals only; you will be required to select the start time and then the end time
  7. Overnight rentals only; you will be required to select your arrival date and then your departure date
  8. Click on the red reserve box for the date/times you are interested in
  9. Click checkout red box to complete the reservation process

After completing your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation with location/contact information as well as a link to your camp packet. 

 ❮ December 2021 ❯ 
No reservations.

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